Reliable design services, supply, construction and control

TEKIM is one of the few companies of its kind in Greece that has the potential to provide an entire, complete set of services, fully undertaking the responsibility for the successful completion of a project. The company, definitely, belongs in an elite group of EPC contractors that base their work on and manage:

  • Completion within the agreed time schedule and budget.
  • Agreement with the specifications, national codes and good engineering practice.
  • Conformity with the strict requirements of quality, safety and health directives

The company’s orderly operation is a result of the advanced technological infrastructure established, such as:

  • Skilled and experienced personnel.
  • Sufficient and high quality portable personnel equipment.
  • Means of transportation for the personnel and the mechanical equipment.
  • Specialized equipment for simulation and calibration.

In conjunction with the technologically advanced equipment, the specialized personnel, managed by an experienced group of project administrators, offers effective Engineering, Procurement, Installation, Commissioning and Start-up services in complex projects, in the following sectors:

Electrical Projects

- Networks of low, medium and high voltage
- Substations
- Fire security systems and security systems for the Industry
- BMS Networks

Mechanical projects

- Installation of production networks and auxiliary networks
- Specific projects in food - beverage and paper industry
- Industrial clean and medical gas networks
- Installation of heating networks
- Mechanical equipment installation

Automation Projects

- Instrument Installation
- Automation systems installation
- Instruments calibration, commissioning and start-up

Special Installations

- Special systems installation (PLC, DCS, SCADA, etc.)
- Special equipment installation (analyzers, etc.)
- Special systems installation – process lines (for refineries, chemical industries, etc.)
- Special works during Shut Down

Maintenance of electromechanical installations

- Maintenance of substations and electrical installations
- Maintenance of instruments and automation systems
- Maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment, control valves, pumps, conveyors, etc.

Τhe above activities are applicable to:

- Energy projects

- Industrial projects

- Building projects

- Infrastructure projects

- Special projects


Energy projects

- Refinery facilities

- Power production facilities

- Natural gas and other gases facilities

- “Green” energy (such as wind farms, photovoltaic parks, hydroelectric plants etc.)

- Various energy facilities

Industrial projects

- Cement production industry

- Pulp & Paper industry

- Mineral industry

- Special equipment industries

- Food and Beverage industry

- Medical gases industry

- Chemical industry

Building Projects

- Shopping centers

- Hotel facilities

- Hospitals

- Parking facilities

Infrastructure Projects

- Sewerage systems

- Fishing Shelters

- Tunnels

- Highways

- Bridges

Special projects

- Research centers

- Special analyzing systems (process, environmental, blending)

- Athletic facilities

Moreover, the company has trained engineers and technical personnel on special analyzing systems (process) and has undertaken and completed successfully contracts for environmental and process analyzers installation and maintenance.

Furthermore, TEKIM S.A. has great experience in electromechanical and instrumentation works during shut down in refineries, chemical industries and in the energy sector.

Additionally, TEKIM S.A. has significant experience in explosion proof systems as well as intrinsically safe systems.

Finally, the company, due to its own experience and in partnership with well known engineering companies with expertise in planning and designing in the field of construction, civil works and more, is capable to offer complete solutions (turn key).